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Automotive Services

At U.S. Forensic, our tire experts are the professionals that insurance companies, lawyers and courts from around the nation turn to in order to shed light on vehicle accidents by using only proven scientific methods. We employ many areas of expertise and two of our most prominent include:

Tire Evaluations

Our tire experts provide clients with the information that they need to make a sound decision regarding a case or claim.  Our experts are mechanical engineers with training and experience to determine if the tire failure was due to a manufacturing defect, improper maintenance, or other contributing factor.  At our engineering laboratory we have equipment such as x-rays that can assist us in testing the tires and determining cause of failure without using destructive means.   Our accident reconstructionists are available to assist in determining how the accident occurred, downloading crash data, and determining if the tire failure contributed to the accident.  Access the U.S. Forensic article: How to Get the Most Traction on Your Tire Failure Case

Automotive Failure Analyses

The staff at U.S. Forensics has the education, training and experience in automotive design, service, repair, and maintenance to properly evaluate all components of each vehicle that gets analyzed. Our wide ranging experience in forensic evaluations is used to analyze passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, 18-wheelers and heavy equipment. When it comes to determining the cause of a mechanical systems failure, we can provide timely and accurate answers to challenging cases.

The cause of some accidents can’t be determined by common causes like road conditions, driver distraction or failure to obey traffic signals. Often times the failure of critical components such as steering, tires or suspension can contribute to the cause of an accident. Our experts can evaluate automotive systems to determine if failure or fire occurred due to a manufacturing defect, service or repair, lack of maintenance, or operator error. We can evaluate:

  • Sudden Acceleration
  • Steering Failures
  • Tire Failures
  • Seat Belt Failures
  • Fuel System Contamination
  • Airbag Deployment


Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Our court qualified experts can reconstruct an accident to determine speed, reaction times, stopping distances, driver input, mechanical and tire failures, and consistency with the accounts of involved parties. We have constructed accidents involving:

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Vehicle Rollovers
  • Minor Impact Accidents
  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents
  • Train & Vehicle Collisions

In addition to our mechanical engineers, tire experts, and ACTAR certified experts, our biomechanical engineers can contribute to vehicle accident reconstruction cases. They evaluate accident/injury allegations to determine consistency of injury with damage and force received in an accident.