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Since its inception in 2006, U.S. Forensic has performed thousands of evaluations to determine the origin and cause of a loss and the extent of damages. Inspections have included various machinery and heavy equipment, commercial and passenger vehicle accidents, tire failures, residential and commercial buildings, roadways, and marine structures.

As a division of U.S. Forensic, our tire experts provide clients with the information that they need to make a sound decision regarding a case or claim.  Our experts are mechanical engineers with training and experience to determine if the tire failure was due to a manufacturing defect, improper maintenance, or other contributing factor.  At our engineering laboratory we have equipment such as x-rays that can assist us in testing the tires and determining cause of failure without using destructive means.   Our accident reconstructionists are available to assist in determining how the accident occurred, downloading crash data, and determining if the tire failure contributed to the accident.

U.S. Forensic provides quality unbiased reports. These include conclusive findings along with repair recommendations, photos, and diagrams. We can also provide schedules and costs of recommended repairs when warranted. All opinions rendered will be based on the facts of the specific assignment, and all work to complete an assignment will be performed under the rules and regulations of the authoritative engineering board of the state in which the evaluation is being conducted. We provide expert witness testimony to insurance companies, attorneys and have testified before jury’s and judges in local, state, and federal courts.

It is a priority of U.S. Forensic to provide our clients with conclusive, defendable reports that are timely and cost effective.

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