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U.S. Forensic

U.S. Forensics is an employee owned engineering firm offering evaluation reporting, tire analysis and expert witness testimony. We provide structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering as well as accident reconstruction, fire origin and cause, and environmental services. Our trained tire experts investigate causes of failures especially when it results in a serious collision. We work to assist law firms, insurance companies, and government agencies by determining the specific component of the failure that contributed to an accident. We inspect a variety of different vehicles including cars, trucks, commercial trucks and motorcycles.

Tire Failure Evaluations

Our tire experts provide clients with the information that they need to make a sound decision regarding a case or claim.  Our experts are mechanical engineers with training and experience to determine if the tire failure was due to a manufacturing defect, improper maintenance, or other contributing factor.  At our engineering laboratory, we have equipment such as x-rays that can assist us in testing the tires and determining cause of failure without using destructive means.   Our accident reconstructionists are available to assist in determining how the accident occurred, downloading crash data, and determining if the tire failure contributed to the accident. Access the U.S. Forensic article, How to Get the Most Traction on Your Tire Failure Case.

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To learn more about U.S. Forensics and the analysis and evaluation services we provide, we encourage you to reach out to us via our web form or call our corporate number at (504) 831-7001 or our toll free number at (888) 873-6752.